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Self-Assessment & Exploring Options


How Can I Help You with Your Career?


Self-Assessment and Exploring Options


Many of us wonder at some point in our career whether we are on the right path. Some of us feel that we have not found our life's work. Others have become bored with their jobs.


We can explore these issues in a number of ways:


  • In-session discussion and related homework
  • Informal Assessment (such as brainstorming, visioning, questionnaires, etc.)
  • Creating and carrying out a print and on-line research plan
  • Creating and implementing a plan to request and conduct informational interviews
  • Exploring options other than full-time employment to try out various possibilities



"Failure's hard, but success is far more dangerous. If you're successful at the wrong thing, the mix of praise and money and opportunity can lock you in forever."


-- Po Bronson


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