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Dream Coaching ®


Struggling to Figure Out What You Really Want to Do?


Dream Coaching® around Career-Related Issues


In this coaching process, we will work thorugh a 10-step process pioneered by Marcia Wieder, America's Dream Coach®, to gain clarity on what career path or paths best align with your personal purpose:


  • Set intentions: make it clear to yourself and others what you want and what you are planning to do about it.
  • Live with integrity by keeping agreements with yourself and others and by cleaning up broken agreements and other unfinished business from your past that can get in your way now.
  • Live your life as a reflection of your personal purpose.
  • Access your dreamer: let your dreams address how you want your life to be in order to live "on purpose" - i.e., in alignment with the essence of who you are.
  • Learn from your doubter: instead of letting your doubts sabotage your dreams, treat them as the voice of the realist, whose concerns must be addressed in order for you to move forward.
  • Believe in your dreams: and prove it by taking action!
  • Look for lessons in your failures: treat them as teachers that provide powerful tools, along with inspiration for regular practices to deepen what you want to change or develop.
  • Take serious steps forward: plan the essential strategies to ensure your success and take the concrete steps necessary for making your dream real.
  • Build your "Dream Team": Ask for assistance from resources who can open doors and help you accomplish your goals with greater ease.
  • Live as a dreamer: once you are clear about your purpose, dreams, and beliefs, look at all areas of your life, eliminate what you don't want, and do more of what you do want.

To learn more about how this process can help you find and pursue the career of your dreams, fill out a request for a free 30-minute consultation on our Contact page.


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