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Resources for Finding Volunteer Opportunities

Guidestar - offers basic, in-depth, and customized data services on almost 1 million U.S. nonprofits.


Taproot Foundation is a volunteer organization that provides local nonprofits with grants of consistent, high-quality professional services.


CompuMentor has matched many small organizations with volunteers to build new web sites or improve existing ones.


CVAS Clearinghouse for Volunteer Accounting Services is an organization that matches California licensed certified public accountants with community organizations. Volunteers share their skills with California 's nonprofit organizations through two programs, the Technical Assistance Program and the Board Member Placement Program.


VolunteerMatch is the nonprofit, online service that helps interested volunteers get involved with community service organizations throughout the United States . Volunteers enter their ZIP code on the VolunteerMatch web site ( to quickly find local volunteer opportunities matching individual interests and schedules. This simple, effective service has already generated hundreds of thousands of volunteer referrals nationwide.


Network for Good is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the Web to help people get more involved in their communities - from volunteering and donating money, to getting involved with issues they care about. The site provides a search tool to find volunteer opportunities that match your interests and geographic location, or search for an organization by name. The search tool is powered by VolunteerMatch. There is also a tool to search for on-line volunteering. is one of the premier websites on service and volunteering. Through SERVEnet, users can enter their zip code, city, state, skills, interests, and availability and be matched with organizations needing help. SERVEnet is also a place to search for calendar events, job openings, service news, recommended books, and best practices. YSA's commitment to America 's Promise is to have volunteer opportunities on SERVEnet for every zip code in America .


Community Impact is a nonprofit organization of thousands of San Francisco Bay Area residents who want to give and learn through community service. The projects listed on this site are open to everyone, but their members provide a key source of support that helps them continue to operate. Members also receive their monthly project listing and become eligible for members-only programs like TeamWorks.


SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA VOLUNTEER INFORMATION CENTER - The purpose of this Web publication is to provide information about volunteer opportunities in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA.


Classical 102.1 KDFC - Volunteerism Page List of some Bay Area Volunteer Opportunities - Thousands of volunteer opportunities in your community and around the world, and a list of organizations that can help you volunteer abroad. In addition to searching and browsing, individuals can use Idealist to:


  • Define what information you'd like to receive by email from among the job openings, volunteer opportunities, internships, events, and resources posted here by organizations all over the world.


  • Design the perfect volunteer opportunity for yourself by setting up one or more Volunteer Profiles with your interests, skills and schedule. These Profiles can then be searched by organizations in Idealist.


  • Find people around the world who share your interests, goals and ideas.


Volunteer Solutions is a Volunteer Matching Application that helps connect individuals to volunteer opportunities in their community.


VOLUNTEER .GOV is your one-stop source for information on volunteer
opportunities with the US Federal Government.


Make A Difference Day , the largest national day of helping others, is sponsored by USA WEEKEND Magazine and its nearly 600 carrier newspapers. Make A Difference Day is held in partnership with the Points of Light Foundation. The 14th Make A Difference Day is Saturday, Oct. 23, 2004 . Make A Difference Day supporter Paul Newman, as sole owner of Newman's Own, donates all his profits and royalties after taxes for educational and charitable purposes.

BoardnetUSA - a unique website dedicated to the express purpose of connecting nonprofit boards and new leaders. This site is designed to be a common technological platform for a national collaborative network of communities working locally to enhance nonprofit board governance.


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