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Negotiation Coaching


How Can I Help You Reach Satisfactory Agreements?


Negotiation Coaching


We often need to negotiate, be it with customers, clients, suppliers, or landlords. Planning can make the difference between conducting a successful negotiation and reaching an impasse - or even worse, an outcome that is not in your best interests.


I can help you create a negotiation plan that will enable you to achieve the outcomes you desire. Together we look at:


  • Your BATNA - Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
  • Your underlying interests
  • The other party's underlying interests and BATNA
  • Options to meet respective interests
  • Potential areas of conflict
  • Ways to maximize joint gains
  • Facts you know and information you need
  • Individual areas to be negotiated
  • How to listen and to act in the negotiation itself



"God gave us two ears and one mouth; we should use them in that ratio."

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