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Ontological Coaching


How Can I Help You with Your Career?


Ontological Coaching around Career-Related Issues


Setting goals, whether for your career, for a business, or for life in general, can make the difference between a fulfilling life & career and a string of missed opportunities and lost joy.


Often, however, the goals that we want to set are foreclosed by the beliefs, assessments or actions we have with respect to the world or ourselves. The type of the observer we are of the world opens a horizon of possible actions and closes others.


Together we will learn how to

  • Overcome enemies of learning that may be holding you back
  • Make changes in the language that you use in order to open up new possibilities for action, better communicate, build trust and respect with others, and improve your overall well-being
  • Use listening to better communicate and coordinate action
  • Influence the moods and emotions that shape how you experience life and work
  • Choose a body disposition more aligned with the mood and language you want to manifest in a given situation.




"Who knows how many ways of knowing we have lost in history simply by repressing them. We have privileged the rationalist approach to the point of losing our capability of learning kinesthetically, intuitively, esthetically, mystically, among others. Ignoring them, we lose critical ways of communicating with the world."


             - Julio Olalla


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